Normal Wear & Tear Package


Who needs Normal Wear and Tear Restoration?

Searching for the best auto restoration Palm Desert has to offer? Are you a lessee of a car who intends to return that car when the lease is up? Do you have kids, own dogs, or other animals, that ride with you in the car? If so the normal wear and tear package is a great fit for you. From our own experiences we have seen bills at the end of a lease for damage that is normal and not out of the ordinary. These bills are essentially guaranteed at the end of any given lease.  Protect the interior and exterior of you car, as well as your  lease agreement, from common damage such as dings, bumps and scratches. With the added security of the Normal Wear and Tear Package you’ll be given insurance of peace of mind and knowing that you wont have to pay extra when the contract comes due. Don’t pay extra money at the end of your lease for wear and tear when you can protect while you still drive the car!


What’s Included in the Package?

As an owner of every leased car you end up with miscellaneous wear and tear, bumps and dings. Let the detailing and auto body experts at Ceramic Pro Palm Desert coat the exterior of your car with the benefits of Ceramic Pro coatings. The emphasis of this package is on coating rather than sealants or wax. Coating will keep your car protected for the long haul. We assess the interior of the vehicle to restore and coat for normal wear and tear damage on the inside with Ceramic Pro Leather, Ceramic Pro Interior or Ceramic Pro Textile (dependent on the surface). In some cases detail, paint correction or steam cleaning is necessary to restore the car to original condition. Dependent on the condition of the car different paint correction and detail services may be required. We assess each of the cars on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the correct techniques and practices are used.


Why Is the Normal Wear and Tear Package Important in the Coachella Valley?

The sand, the sun and wind can eat your car up in this area. We have seen individuals that come through our shop that wax their own cars or apply some sort of sealant. When they came in to our shop the sand had bonded with the paint and a car polish was required. This can cause both double work, expense and time commitments. Get the job done right the first time with  our expert auto body technicians. Come to Ceramic Pro Palm Desert for the best auto restoration Palm Desert and Riverside County have to offer.

Included in Package

  • Ceramic Pro Coatings on Exterior Surfaces
  • Ceramic Pro Leather, Textile and Plastic on Interior Surfaces
  • Restoration and Protection from Dings, Bumps, Scratches and UV Damage
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