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Ceramic Pro Home, Specialty Packages for RV & Aviation

In need of Ceramic Pro Home, or other speciality ceramic coating jobs? At Ceramic Pro Palm Desert we offer several custom packages that are catered to several popular past times and hobbies in the desert. Additionally, if you don’t see a package that you are looking for please contact us for your specialty request.


No means of transportation is too large for Ceramic Pro Palm Desert. We are able to coat private aircrafts at our facility and offer custom pricing based off of the size make and year of the aircraft. Whether you have an airplane, a helicopter or both we got you covered with Ceramic Pro products for the interior and exterior. The exterior can be protected from accidental damage and corrosion and will be a fixture on your aircraft for years to come. The Ceramic Pro line can withstand temperatures over twelve hundred degrees. Additionally, the hydrophobic effects on the windshield will improve visibility during weather and at night, and the interior will keep your leather seats pristine and easy to clean for years to come!

Ceramic Pro products will protect your aircraft from frost, debris, contaminants and corrosion. These protective qualities will keep your vehicle clean for the long run. The self-cleaning effects are incredibly valuable and the high gloss finish will turn heads at the airport or strip.


 In Palm Desert we are used to the snowbirds who escape the winter of the north and flock to the desert for it’s year round heat. If you are an RV owner and are looking to keep your RV in tiptop condition for the long run, then you have come to the right place! Your multimillion-dollar investment should be protected from the elements and once it’s protected you will be able to clean your vehicle in a fraction of the time. The sand and windstorms that are common in this region will literally refinish your RV. The sand actually, gets to a point where if it’s blowing hard enough it will duly finish the vehicle. Storms like these can blow so hard that it can get to the point where it could take the paint right off. You have to have a shop that’s capable of restoring, and adding protection to your RV. Due to the custom nature of this job, we quote based off of size of the RV so let us know what you have and we can match a job for your protection needs!


Ceramic Pro technologies have applications outside of the vehicle sector. One of the most popular applications that we use in the home is for coatings on shower doors. The same hydrophobic qualities Ceramic Pro brings to your vehicles, also translates to your home.   Ceramic Pro Rain will keep your shower doors clean and repel the water and allow it to bead down the glass.

If you are interested in coating your shower doors in Ceramic Pro, or if you want to coat another home application, feel free to request a quote and we can coat whatever you want to coat!

Types of Speciality Packages

  • Ceramic Pro Aviation Package
  • Ceramic Pro RV Package
  • Ceramic Pro Housing Surfaces
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