Paint Correction


Paint Correction

Ceramic Pro Palm Desert was born out of paint correction and auto restoration and we have several packages that can restore your paint to it’s original, or a new luster. Below are several types of paint correction that is offered at Ceramic Pro Palm Desert.

The Paint correction process involves several deoxidation, degrees and removal of dirt and sand damage. A paint correction can usually be completed under three hours if done correctly with special attention being applied to the details. Dependent on the specific condition of each vehicles paint an evaluation occurs and the paint correction begins.

Wet Sanding 

Wet Sanding is a common term in the paint correction process. This is the final stage of taking any and all imperfections of the paint out of the exterior coat. Experts of this technique must be very careful to not remove the entire outer layer, and this is why our trained technicians stand out of the crowd. We have had to do work on individuals cars who got paint correction done by another shop in town and they have taken their cars to Ceramic Pro Palm Desert for restoration of the paint correction.

Paint Touch Up

Paint Touch Up is completely dependent on the individual’s needs and wants. We can touch up as little as a scratch, a panel, or if need be an entire vehicle. Paint touch up is regularly used on vehicles that get into a minor car accident. We begin the process by polishing the scratch out of the surface of the paint and then we match the tones of paint so that it looks like the scratch was never even there.

Ultraviolet Rays & Sand & Wind Restoration

The wind and sand in Palm Desert is an environmental issue and it takes it’s toll on the surfaces of our vehicles. The elements break down the UV protection as the sun is very intense because of the heat that can surpass 120 degrees. When it gets to this temperature that makes the surface of the car 180 degrees. Ceramic Pro packages are a great way to protect your vehicle from the elements of the desert, but if it is too late then our paint correction services can repair the paint to your individual needs.