Ceramic Pro Palm Desert is a company born out of highly qualified and skilled professionals who have been in the Desert for 5 plus years. The need for a quality and durable protective finish that meets the combative weather conditions in the Desert was and continues to be very necessary.

With Ceramic Pro products and materials in combination with local auto enthusiasts started Ceramic Pro Palm Desert. Our total years of experience exceed 20 years in auto restoration, classic cars, RV, trucks, advertising, business ownership and technical expertise.

Additionally, the Ceramic Pro process and protection is very competitively priced. Our detailing, window tint and paint correction departments use the newest and latest equipment and our work efforts get your vehicle looking great for years.

The Ceramic Pro market is emerging and the owners want to share their passion of Ceramic Pro coatings with the greater Palm Desert area. In these harsh elements the benefits that Ceramic Pro Palm Desert offer are highly beneficial and will keep the paint protected from the harsh UV, wind and sand in our county. Our highly trained professionals and state of the art equipment will leave your mind at ease and when our work is finish, your joys can continue with your vehicle . We offer auto detailing, ceramic coating, auto body and paint correction services. Feel free to stop by today to check out our shop and speak with one of our highly skilled representatives.

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Ceramic Pro Palm Desert
41-910 Boardwalk Suite A6
Palm Desert, CA 92211

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